as3993 ST25RU3993 Firmware
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*ams_stream.hConstants shared between GUI and firmware concerning the ams streaming communication
o*appl_commands.cFunctions which handle commands received via USB or UART
o*appl_commands.hThis file is the include file for the appl_commands.c file
o*appl_commands_table.cTable to branch into the functions associated with a specific command
o*as3993.cFunctions provided by the as3993 series chips
o*as3993.hDeclaration of low level functions provided by the as3993 series chips
o*as3993_config.hConfiguration file for all AS99x firmware
o*as3993_public.hDeclaration of public functions provided by the AS3993 series chips
o*bitbang.cBitbang engine
o*bitbang.hBitbang module header file
o*bootloadable.cFile to be compiled and linked by any application that shall be loadable by the bootloader
o*bootloadable.hContaining defines needed by any application that shall be loadable by the bootloader
o*crc16.cCRC calculation module implementation
o*crc16.hCRC calculation module header file
o*errno.hMain error codes. Please add your application specific error codes in your application starting with #define MY_APP_ERR_CODE (ERR_LAST_ERROR-1)
o*errno_as3993.hThis file provides defines for error codes reported by the FW to the host
o*gen2.cThis file includes functions providing an implementation of the ISO6c aka GEN2 RFID EPC protocol
o*gen2.hThis file provides declarations for functions for the GEN2 aka ISO6c protocol
o*global.cThis file includes some useful functions
o*global.hThis file provides declarations for global helper functions
o*iso6b.cImplementation of ISO18000-6b protocol
o*iso6b.hISO6B protocol header file
o*logger.cDebug log output utility
o*logger.hSerial output log declaration file
o*main.cSystem initialization and main loop
o*platform.cImplementation of serial interface communication with AS3993
o*platform.hThis file provides platform (board) specific macros and declarations
o*spi_driver.cSPI driver for PIC24F
o*spi_driver.hSpi driver declaration file
o*stream_dispatcher.cMain dispatcher for streaming protocol uses a stream_driver for the io
o*stream_dispatcher.hInterface for stream packet handling
o*system_clock.cRoutines for system clock control
o*system_clock.hRoutines for system clock control
o*timer.cThis file includes all functionality to use some hardware timers
o*timer.hThis file is the include file for the timer.c file
o*tuner.cImplementation of tuner functionality
o*tuner.hThis file provides declarations for tuner related functions
o*uart_driver.cUart driver implementation for PIC24FJ64
o*uart_driver.hUart driver declaration file
o*usb_hid_stream_driver.cUSB HID streaming driver implementation
o*usb_hid_stream_driver.hUSB HID streaming driver declarations
\*weak_stream_functions.cA dummy implementation of the WEAK functions needed by the stream_dispatcher.c