as3993 ST25RU3993 Firmware
errno.h File Reference

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#define ERR_NONE   0
#define ERR_NOMEM   -1
#define ERR_BUSY   -2
#define ERR_IO   -3
#define ERR_TIMEOUT   -4
#define ERR_REQUEST   -5
#define ERR_NOMSG   -6
#define ERR_PARAM   -7
#define ERR_PROTO   -8

Detailed Description

Main error codes. Please add your application specific error codes in your application starting with #define MY_APP_ERR_CODE (ERR_LAST_ERROR-1)

M. Arpa

Definition in file errno.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ERR_BUSY   -2

device or resource busy

Definition at line 47 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_IO   -3

generic IO error

Definition at line 48 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_NOMEM   -1

not enough memory to perform the requested operation

Definition at line 46 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_NOMSG   -6

No message of desired type

Definition at line 51 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_NONE   0

Error codes to be used within the application. They are represented by an s8no error occured

Definition at line 45 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_PARAM   -7

Parameter error

Definition at line 52 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_PROTO   -8

Protocol error

Definition at line 53 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_REQUEST   -5

invalid request or requested function can't be executed at the moment

Definition at line 50 of file errno.h.

#define ERR_TIMEOUT   -4

error due to timeout

Definition at line 49 of file errno.h.