AS3992 UHF RFID Passive Reader Module kit with 5dBi Antenna and USB cable

Operating Frequency
GB (920 ~ 925MHz), American Standard (902 ~ 928MHz), the European standard (865 ~ 868MHz) and other 840MHz to 960MHz operating frequency band
Support Agreements
ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2), compatible ISO18000-6B
Antenna gain
8dBi directional antenna or ceramic antennas and other optional
RF power
MAX 20dBm
Reading distance
Passive tag identification distance adjustment range: 1 to 6 meters (for 8dBi directional antenna)
Reader Time
Multi-tag ID numbers read 64 times <6ms
Antenna Interface
Support Interface
High-speed USB, TTL Uart application software to communicate with the PC
Operating Voltage
DC + 3.3V
Reader Tips
PC Suite can be set, GPIO output analog level
Power consumption
Working temperature
-20  ~ + 80
Storage temperature
-40  ~ + 125
20% to 95% (non-condensing)
90mm × 49mm × 0.51mm
Antenna size
8 “× 12” × 2 “
C2 port programmer reader firmware .hex file provides two kinds of six versions:
One is the European standard default frequencies:
There are three versions of this next firmware optional: USB version, UART baud version -115200bps, UART baud version -9600pbs
The second is the default Chinese standard frequencies (920.625MHz ~ 924.375MHz):
Domestic UHF band antennas are generally Chinese standards, literacy Used with this band antenna works best.
Under this there are three versions of the firmware optional: USB version, UART baud version -115200bps, UART baud version -9600pbs
Of course, you can also change the other criteria, such as:
Note: The board has drawn C2 programming interface that can be programmed .hex file.
Features Description:
For customers to do the secondary development of RFID. We are the modules can be put through the normal Uart interface module is integrated into your project.
Product Name: UHF long-range UHF RFID reader module kit
Category: UHF RFID reader series
Interface: USB or Uart (TTL)
Reader protocol mode
6B protocol (single card)
6C protocol (single card)
6C protocol (multiple cards)
Note: The above describes the read range without any interference of space test distance, such as a car park use, measured in a different field of media vehicle windshield film prevail.
1) Features
· Has USB and Uart (TTL) 2 large version
Compatible 6C and 6B agreement
Support for multiple languages SDK development kit, system access easy
Modular design, user-friendly for secondary development.
2) Applications
· Intelligent Vehicle Management: Parking, highway toll collection, customs clearance, automatic weighing etc.
· Production line intelligent management: pipeline products such as smart sorting
· Warehouse Management: automatically records and other goods out of storage
· Logistics Management: container management, pallet management, asset tracking, etc.
• Personnel management: the school gate access control, factory gate access control
1. This series of reader usually by TTL to RS232 data interface with the controller or a PC connection for data exchange. Since this series reader after receiving control commands to the controller of the electronic tags only read and write operations, therefore, we will provide customers API_GUI instruction set documentation, users can make application software development.
2. Use the reader supporting SDK software, call the API function for the reader to operate.
3. This series of reader and PC specific RS232 communication protocol (including command packet format, the format returns an error code convention, protocol, etc.), SDK software (including composition, data definition, function definitions, etc.) as well as the use of label memory allocation, etc., see the relevant information provided by the Company.
4. When the test is recommended, in front of the reader not to have at least 20 meters of any object occlusion; when the cardholder, contact your finger on both sides of the edge of the card, when faced with linearly polarized antenna should be in accordance with the appropriate level of polarization direction or vertical card, in order to ensure the reader effect.
5. requires the use of an appropriate power adapter + 3V ~ + 3.3V / 2 ~ 4A.
1, UHF RFID AS3992 reader 915M passive GEN2 UHF reader module (reader + 3.3V power supply + USB T port data cable set)
2,5dBi UHF UHF RFID 902-928MHz MMCX PCB antenna
3, Roger UHF RFID development board module dedicated U-EC6 download debugger, including transfer C2 dedicated JTAG adapter plate 1 set
4, USB transfer Uart TTL serial adapter plate
5. Label 8
High-performance UHF passive UHF RFID EPC-GEN2 transparent sticker (902-928MHZ) 5 paper
UHF RFID UHF 915MHZ RFID 9662 paper label 2
UHF RFID EPC GEN2 white card NXP 1  paper


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